The Year In A Word

If there were a word to represent 2014, for us it would be change. I’m hardly the person whose shoes I wore in January, and as we wind down toward the holidays, looking back on the year and forward to the next, I could not feel more optimistic or joyful.

The thematic transitioning of 2014 has not yet concluded: in a few days, after warm celebration and feasting and hot toddies at my mom’s, we’ll be standing in our new home in Oregon.

This first leg of the move will be for the essentials. We’ll install appliances, stretch fencing wire, find new homes for plates and towels. I’m determined to dig one small patch of garden to tuck some garlic away for overwintering.

Isis of the wonderful Little Mountain Haven writes about her New Year intention in a word. This year hers was growth, which I must borrow because it perfectly represents our coming year. We will be growing our homestead, adding more animals and projects. We’ll be growing our own food to the greatest possible extent. We’ll be growing our hopes and goals, growing our experiences. We’ll begin thinking about growing our family.

As we embark on this journey, I’ll keep the intention of growth near to my heart. The work will be hard and good. We’ll have triumphs and setbacks and the help of family and friends.

Since I’m not sure how frequently we will have internet access during our travels, I’ll be reflecting on the year with some prior stories, recipes and photos. I look forward to returning with much to tell of the coming chapter on the new homestead.

Do you have a word that encapsulates your past year or an intention for the next?


6 thoughts on “The Year In A Word

  1. Growth would describe us as well! We are spending our winter deciding how, what, when and where on the five acres we bought in August. For starters, it will be planting larger vegetable and herb gardens, as well as adding chickens and bees to our little piece of paradise.

    Safe journey to you and yours! We look forward to hearing more from you soon!

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  2. Considering I’ve never met you, this may be a bit silly, but I’m so excited for your move to Oregon! It’s almost like having a friendly neighbor, the one thing missing from my new life here. I’m looking forward to reading all about your move and subsequent adventures.

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    • Thank you, Hope! Just returned from the first leg of the first leg of the move– intense, exhausting but so immensely rewarding and filled with beauty. I feel the same way, by the way– I hope yours is going well so far. Thank you so much for following along!


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