Anticipation of Fall


In the midst of summer, under July heat and between berry-picking and trips to the lake, my mind always begins to move to fall. On chilly mornings, or when a breeze picks up and thrashes the plants out front, I feel it coming, though its arrival is still months off yet.

It’s always been at this time of year that I start knitting. Crafting for cold weather lets me channel the euphoria and creativity that the first chill and yellowing trees light in me. As I work I imagine the smell of rain and fallen leaves and pumpkin and roast chicken, and my soul leaps with excitement.

Now that we’re back in the Pacific Northwest I am overjoyed for the promise of cooler weather and rain.  The season will be rung in by my daughter’s second birthday. We’ll return to cooking inside and lighting the wood stove.

I’m not knitting my way through this summer– partly for lack of time; partly because my daughter would object– but instead I’ll be thinking ahead as I dig and plant our fall garden. I’ll be stacking firewood, storing potatoes, picking hazelnuts, and nailing siding up on the hay barn.

As always, there is more to do than there are hours in the day or energy in my body. But we’re moving forward, chipping away, and I’m feeling blissfully inspired.


10 thoughts on “Anticipation of Fall

  1. Great post! My mind is moving toward fall as well. I’ve started using the “too hot to do anything constructive outside” afternoons to start cleaning and reorganizing my craft and repurposing supplies. I’m planning a fall garden too, and praying for better results since our poor summer garden suffered through both flooding rains and boiling heat.


    • Our garden has struggled, too. This is the hottest and driest Oregon summer in memory — usually it’s a week or two max of discomfort, but this has been incessant. With the tot, it’s tough to stay inside too long, though! Thinking good thoughts for your fall garden (and my own!).

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  2. This post made me smile. : ) I’m not ready for fall quite yet but will be for sure in the not so distant future. We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in New York with heat and humidity that is stifling. It’s supposed to become less oppressive in the next day or two so I’m looking forward to that. Enjoy the rest of your summer. It’s going so quickly, isn’t it?? : )

    ~ Wendy


    • Everyone seems to be reporting crazy weather! It’s been wildly hot and dry here (I don’t envy you the humidity) with no end in sight. I yearn for fall by late July whatever the weather, though. A little rain just gets me more excited! Enjoy your summer, and hopefully a reprieve from the heat soon!


  3. I too long for the transition of fall…it’s my most favourite time of year. It smells delicious, it’s more collective, there are so many delicious fresh foods….ah the endless list


    • Thank you so much, Beth! We moved back to the Pacific Northwest on a nearly record-hot year, so it makes fall all the more exciting! Can’t wait. 🙂 Thank you for reading.


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